Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ZBRUSH 4R6 - creature WIP

02/11/2014_ Another samll update – leg area

I’ll probably start sculpting the costume after this.


12/02/2013_ Been learning a lot about human anatomy.

Another day to play. Worked on head adding in some of the facial muscle structure plus I've started refining the pectoral, back and lower leg areas.

11/22/2013_ Trying to figure out what I want to do with this guy ... 

I finally stopped to work on him some more and decided I needed to establish a profile for this character. I was thinking something along the lines of African savanna, hunter tribe, sort of deal. This is essentially a screen grab from inside of zbrush and then a paint over in photoshop. Hopefully this will help me focus my efforts from now on ... still deciding if I want to rig him or not.

09/26/2013_ Why no updates? One word: Houdini _

I've put this guy aside for a little bit to focus more on learning Side Effects' Houdini application. Learning it is an intense process and takes time ... so, I'm making myself buckle down and focus. I've been at it for about 3 weeks I think ... or a month? Starting to lose track. Maybe your asking "why are you doing this?" (and maybe not) ... well, its been on my "learning bucket" list for a while and I'm taking it on as a personal challenge. I hope to be back to this guy some time soonish though ... especially because sculpting is too much fun and it tends to be a nice break from Houdini's more technical side of things. I'll let you guys know how this whole endevour turns out at some point (hopefully more fruitful than posting pictures at Fine-Art-America [more on this later]) ...

09/11/2013 _ update to ALIEN WIP _

Refined the arm muscles some more. This project has unintentionally become a male anatomy study as well as a creature concept. Started working on the head again as well. I'm laying out some of his facial muscle and bone structure to hopefully get a more believable result.


09/03/2013 _ update to ALIEN WIP _

Built some arms for the alien. Still have to attache them but I'll leave that for last. Generally I worked mostly on front the torso section.
Still not happy with the rib cage area though.

Haven't played with zbrush for a while so decided to start  a creature and test out some of the new tools in zbrush 4R6. I'd forgotten how much fun sculpting can be. 

This character started out as a sphere with dynamesh enabled(mesh geometry updates according to shape of sculpt). I made the torso that way then just appended the legs afterwards using zspheressubtools and retopology

I'll probably do the same for the arms. Going to see how far I go with this ... Cheers!