Tuesday, January 17, 2017


As I was updating my blog for the first time in 3 years I realized I missed a few things ... its hard to remember all the things you worked on some times and others you can't even say. But my wife just walked by and asked me about Captain America! How could I have forgotten!? That was fun even though none of my shots were hero ones except for maybe one. The team at method worked on the last fight sequence between Captain, IronMan and Bucky. My shots are spread throughout. I'll add these to my next reel whenever that happens.


Worked on the last shot (crane lowering giant gift) for first spot and most of the rap battle dancing sequence for the mini musical "Toycracker". On the second spot I developed a workflow to complete the large amount of shots within the short deadline and wrote python scripts to help batch process the maya shots to the farm and to load in updated assets and make new connections without the need of opening maya.


Its been a while since my last update. But not too long ago I finished work on a few parts of a dimensional travel sequence for Dr. Strange. I was the first animator on the show and helped out with much of the previz(previsualization) and planning on several of the sequences. It was quite the creative exploration process taking us through hundreds of different alternatives to get to the final result, it was a bit sad to see several of the shots get cut but it was all for the betterment of the flow of the sequence. What ended up being my main shot was the part where Strange is overwhelmed by hands and he eventually flies in to his own eye (pretty trippy!).The team at Method Studios was a pleasure to work with as always.