Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FINE ART AMERICA ... learning how to sell art.

I recently signed up for FINE ART AMERICA. This web site, at first glance, seems to enable an artist to easily upload photos and set them up for sale. I, myself, am currently undergoing the process of adding some of my work to this hub of creatives and so far it seems straight forward enough.

Add photos and set your base price ... they will do the rest. So from what I understand the fee the customer will pay ends up being the sum of the following values: first what you, the artist, decides as the base price then the site's fee and then, if the customer so chooses, the added price of the frame or desired print method (this is my take on it).  You, the artist, will only earn a small part of that total price tag. That aside, the best thing is the convenience of not having to deal with the whole process of printing, framing, packaging and shipping ... and THAT'S pretty cool, I'd say. Plus, as my friend put it, it never hurts to put something that's laying around, doing nothing, to do something for a change.

I'm actually really impressed that one guy (Sean Broihier, READ INTERVIEW) made the whole thing and that he's still the only developer involved. There's a tone of cool photos, illustrations and sculptures from a plethora of artists in all skill levels. A lot of high quality work.

On my part, I consider this to be more like a careful trial phase but mainly because I'm a little iffy when it come to putting my stuff out there for sale and letting others get involved in what, otherwise, would be my personal finances.

Since yesterday, when I first started adding some photos, I've pretty much had zero activity ... there are many individuals signed up and there does, in fact, seem to be plenty of extras involved in getting your work advertised in the front pages (like sponsoring things, paying extra fees and what not) so we'll see if my little drop in the ocean will have a ripple on its own. I'll post about this again some time in the future to see what my thoughts about this have become. For now, why not, seems worth the try.

So if all this sounds like a compelling story, then check out my new nifty product line! You might find something you like! And on top of that become my first customer!  Cheers!  ; )



Ok. If your a casual photographer (like myself) and are not willing to spend a certain sum on special membership privileges (for example: having your images on the front pages and for longer time and show up on search results first), you're in for a "super speed photo bypass". Once you post, you'll find your image, in a mater of seconds, down the 10th page in the "photos of the day" line up and heading "into oblivion at the speed of light".

So if your not willing to spend money and much time on FINE ART AMERICA, then I probably deem it not worth your while. ESPECIALLY if your trying to sell something. There are thousands and thousands of photos being dumped into the site every day ... Many of which are just re-posts of the same old pictures to get front page time. Truth is I believe its more likely you'll just end up buying your own photos. If you managed to sell something other than to your mother and friends, then props to you, you should keep at it! Cheers!