Friday, June 28, 2013

Direct TV Spot - Troll

Wow, this took a while to come out ... for some reason I decided to check youtube for it today and lo and behold! I can finally show this off after a year or more since we've worked on this spot.

I developed the cloth pipe and sim for all the shots in the spot plus animated several of the scenes 
I found both the Direct TV official 30sec spot and the directors cut which is 60sec (colors seem a little off on this one) but you get to see all the work. My animation shots includes troll rub feet, walk through trees, walk next to cabin, climb rock, walk on hill toward town in distance, barrel through window, leaving town (some of these can only be seen on the 60sec spot). I modeled and rigged the ducks as well.

Direct TV Troll - 60sec / directors cut